The Video Question

How to do video on desktop computers, with browsers Internet Explorer (v8 &9 .. or earlier), Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera.

Did you know that they all handle video differently? And, they all handle html5 differently.  This is called, (in my trade), BROWSER WARS. Welcome to my world! Here is  the current state of browser use and html5 video support. Unfortunately, there will never be support for html5 video in I.E. 6,7,8. I.E. 6 and 7 are not used very much anymore but I.E. 8 accounts for most of that 22% … and that’s a lot of people!

iPads and notebooks don’t support FLASH. Also, the main browsers do not support the same codecs (file formats). So, at the moment in order to cover all bases, html5 must be presented in 3 different formats, and FLASH video needs to be present as a backup for phones and tablets.