Even if you are getting good organic activity, you are probably missing some of the keywords where you could get additional business.

Pay-per-Click advertising gives immediate Results.

Advancing Internet Marketing (AIM) is Delmarva based, committed, and focused on helping Delmarva companies grow and compete locally, regionally, nationally, and globally as the Internet has promised. The promise is real; if you understand the mechanics. We do. See how in our case histories.

Finding the big customer. ..

If you are paying for traffic on the Internet, you’re involved in Internet Advertising and Internet Marketing. If you own a business, you receive solicitations all the time….., or if you don’t (for instance, GOOGLE may not be calling on you), you may worry that you are missing a great opportunity.

There are lots of opportunities to advertise on the Internet, but how do you know how to put it all together for a strong, vital program that helps grow your business? Do you even need it at all?

Advancing Internet Marketing can help you build a strategic plan, based on your budget. A plan that is flexible and dynamic, so that your company can take advantage of unknown niches and unforseen opportunities.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

By managing the message, the keywords, and per click cost, we can help you to begin and to maximize a Google Pay-Per-Click program.

Animated Banner Ads

If you have the right opportunity for a banner ad placement, maximize the message.


Have they called you yet? If not, they will. What makes sense, and what doesn’t? It all comes down to ROI. We have lots of history and statistics to help you decide if it’s right for you.

We’re here to guide and support you from start to finish – on your budget, as fast or as slow as required, from right here on Delmarva. So please, give us a call – (410) 901-9095 or reach us here. No Operators are standing by…just us; we’re waiting to hear from you.

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