Search Engine Optimization

Big Words…a lot of scam out there.

Advancing Internet Marketing (AIM) is Delmarva based, committed, and focused on helping Delmarva companies grow and compete locally, regionally, nationally, and globally as the Internet has promised. The promise is real; if you understand the mechanics. We do. See how in our case histories.

So how do you make your website the most fit and active member of your company? How do you keep your only non-paid sales person, who is ready and available 24/7, easy to find by customers? In a study by Nielsen/Net Ratings, “92% of the online population visit a search engine, portal, or community site every month”. Can you afford for your internet salesperson, a.k.a. your website, not to be found?

Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) will assure that you are found. It was referred to as “… the ultimate cost-effective, online guerrilla-marketing tactic that generally has the highest ROI of any type of Internet marketing” by Marketing Sherpa. And, Advancing Internet Marketing (AIM) offers a wide array of search engine optimization (SEO), linking strategy, and search engine marketing (SEM) services, from right here on Delmarva. Together, we will choose the right mix for your business. Always working to your speed and budget, our services include:

Discovery Process – Understand your competitive advantages, objectives, industry trends and products. To uncover “sweet spots” and new markets for your products, further delving with our Niche Discovery™ process can grow your business exponentially.

Site Architecture Analysis – Advise if your current website is structured to allow search engines to find you.

Keyword Research and Recommendations – Identify the most relevant keyword search phrases based on information shared during the Discovery Process.

Competitor Analysis – Analyze your rival’s websites and make recommendations for your site accordingly.

Tracking, Traffic Analysis, and Reporting – Install true client side tracking (what we call real tracking), provide a written report and explain what the data means on a monthly or quarterly basis, and make recommendations on how to continuously improve your SEO and SEM efforts, and grow your business.

We can quickly understand your business, marketplace, and can help you at you own pace. We’re not pushy people from DelMarVa…just committed DelMarVa professionals helping your business to be competitive globally.

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